GMC Electric Vehicles: Is the Hype Real?

April 18th, 2020 by

Power supply for an electric vehicle

General Motors, including the GMC brand, is preparing for a new lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) in the next five years. The American auto giant announced $20 billion in investments between now and 2025 as the carmaker embraces an electric future. Thompson Sales explains the EV frontier and the hype in today’s blog.


GM, maker of GMC vehicles, is going to produce Ultium batteries. The manufacturer claims the batteries will allow drivers to go 400 miles on a single charge, which is excellent for commuters and road-trippers alike. Although it’s not top of the line, the EPA tends to err on the side of lower numbers when it comes to how far an EV goes without charging up. 400 miles beats the average on current models, though. It takes just 10 minutes of charge to have enough electricity to travel 100 miles.


GM plans to construct 11 new electric vehicles by 2025. Some of the notable brands are a GMC Hummer pickup and SUV, a new flagship Cadillac electric vehicle, and a new Cadillac SUV about the same size as an Escalade. To say that GM is going all-out with electric vehicles is an understatement.


Car buyers should be pumped by GM’s investment in electric vehicles. The carmaker said the costs of batteries for these cars came way down, and now it’s time to invest. GM’s push should lower the costs of electric vehicles across the board. However, GMC and GM didn’t take the fun out of each vehicle’s design. Everyone knows what a Hummer looks like. Imagine getting behind the wheel of a big, bad GMC Hummer without worrying about carbon emissions or the price of gas going up because of some crisis half a world away.


Even better, your maintenance costs go down because there’s no oil to change, transmission fluid to switch out, or a radiator that could leak. You save money on the life of the vehicle, and it lasts longer, due to lower maintenance issues. Brakes and tires are the major maintenance issues you need to worry about. Batteries for EVs typically last around eight years and 100,000 miles under warranty.


Along with electric vehicles, GM plans to build autonomous features into the design of some vehicles. As software and engineers improve upon the hardware and computer programs for each car, you should see more and more self-driving and assist features on GMC vehicles.

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