Best Time to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

October 7th, 2019 by


When shopping for a vehicle, consider buying a certified pre-owned car. Purchasing a used vehicle is a great option compared to buying new because it softens the depreciation blow on your car’s value over the years. However, used vehicles present their own unique challenges. You want to make sure you get a high-quality vehicle, and certified pre-owned vehicles help create that opportunity. There are also prime times for buying certified pre-owned vehicles. In today’s blog, Thompson Sales discusses the best times to buy a pre-owned car or truck. 

1. When the Market Is Right

Just like the housing market, there are times when the auto market is better for buyers than sellers. The challenge is timing your purchase in a window that is buyer-friendly. If you know that you’re close to needing a new car, even if you aren’t quite ready to buy, do your research. It never hurts to buy before you need a new vehicle if the price is right and you can take advantage of some great deals. 

2. Around Certain Holidays

Certain holidays represent perfect times to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle. The best holidays to purchase a car include Black Friday, Veteran’s Day, and Christmas Eve. These are especially true for certified pre-owned vehicles that might be having special Black Friday or Christmas sales. Smaller dealerships are more likely to have holiday sales because they want to get rid of older cars as newer models roll in. The days following a big holiday are a good time to shop for a vehicle because dealers try to sell cars that they failed to move during the actual sale. 

3. Toward the End of a Month, Quarter, or Year

Most salespeople and dealers have sales quotas they try to meet. Toward the end of each month, quarter, or year, salespeople might be working hard to meet that quota. Salespeople might be more willing to give you a good deal. The end of the year is an especially good time, as Black Friday and Christmas are also a factor. Finding the right used vehicle is all about timing, and the end of sales quarters or calendar years might be the best time. 

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