Car Repair: How to Remove Unwanted Paint Scratches

March 16th, 2020 by

paint scratches on black bumper of a car

No matter how hard you try, your vehicle will probably get unwanted paint scratches at some point. This might occur from a minor fender-bender, a door ding in your garage, a shopping cart, or a child’s toy brushing up against the car. Thompson Sales discusses how to remove unwanted paint scratches as part of minor car repairs.

How do paint scratches happen?

Paint scratches, also known as paint transfer scuffs, happen when two painted surfaces rub against one another. 

Modern cars have two layers of paint: a primer and a base coat. On top of the base coat is a clear coat to give your car a glossy look. The clear coat also protects the paint underneath. Sometimes, the clear coat takes on some paint that differs from the color of your car. This is when you might want to remove unwanted paint scratches for a cosmetic car repair. 

How do you prep the painted surface?

First, clean the surface ahead of removing the unwanted paint. Quality products found at automotive stores can clean the surface properly. Follow the product instructions, and use a microfiber cloth whenever possible for this car repair. A cotton and wool cloth works nicely if you’re not a fan of microfiber.

What are the best scratch remover solutions?

Many car enthusiasts swear by their jerry-rigged solutions, such as WD40 or white toothpaste, for paint scratch removal. Thompson Sales doesn’t recommend homemade methods. Instead, rely on products specially made for paint scratch removal. Many name-brand products have complete kits for this process. This process typically involves rubbing the cleaner in a circular or back-and-forth motion on the paint scratch. Be careful not to remove your car’s original paint when working on this minor car repair. 

What is a rubbing compound?

If a paint scratch is deep enough, you may need to apply a rubbing compound. This car repair often requires an electric machine to apply the compound. Consider professional paint scratch removal for a deep scratch that goes well below the outer surface.

When do you apply car polish?

After you eliminate the paint scratch, restore the shine of your car with your favorite car polish or wax. Follow the instructions on the car wax container for best results at the end of this minor car repair.

Does Thompson Sales perform paint scratch removal and car repairs?

Yes, Thompson Sales has a world-class service department and body shop. Our factory-trained technicians perform paint scratch removal, dent repair, regular car maintenance, and major repairs. Our body shop works on all makes and models, and works with all auto insurance companies. Contact Thompson Sales or call 417-763-6811 for more information on our range of services.

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