Common Seasonal Car Repairs

January 28th, 2020 by

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No matter how diligently you maintain your vehicle, mechanical failures are always possible. The best way to prevent costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns is by scheduling regular vehicle maintenance. But which breakdowns and repairs should you look out for? One way to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance is by considering the season. Today, the experts at Thompson Sales share a few car repairs common for each season. 


What is one of the first things you do in your vehicle on your first warm day following a long winter? Most of us start by rolling our windows down for the first time in months. If you finally hit the window button and nothing happens — you likely are facing the most common spring breakdown, a window lift motor or regulator failure. 

Winter is also known for being hard on vehicle brakes, suspension, and steering. When spring finally rolls around, take your vehicle in to have them inspected to ensure they are working at maximum capacity. 

Timing belts and chains are another common issue in the spring, likely from the amount of dust and pollen that is sucked into your engine. So have a technician double-check your timing belt to ensure your engine is operating properly.


The heat of summer brings issues with air conditioners. Cooling systems, engine performance, and clutch failure are also very common repairs that come with the increase in temperature. Ensure you change your oil and oil filter often to combat the heat when summer rolls around. 


Battery failure is common when the temperature begins to drop. Many electric components related to starting your vehicle are also stressed during fall and winter months. Headlight and windshield wipers are in near-constant use, and should be checked regularly.

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