EV Charging Stations FAQs

December 14th, 2022 by

EV Charging Station at Thompson

Did you know we have four DC fast charging stations for your electric vehicle? They are right outside our service department for your convenience.

We’ll answer frequently asked questions about EV charging stations, including the ones on our property.

What types of EV charging stations does Thompson have on their lot?

We have four EV Connect CCS stations on our property, capable of handling 50kW each. The touchscreen displays on each terminal allow you to read the status easily, even in broad daylight. 

How long will it take to fully charge my EV with these 50 kW stations at Thompson Sales?

These units typically charge your EV within 15 to 30 minutes with direct current (DC).

What is the difference between slow, fast, and rapid EV charging?

You’ll find slow chargers in your home, which can charge your vehicle in eight to 12 hours using anywhere from 3 to 6kW per hour.

Fast charging works with rates of 7kW, 11kW, and 22kW per hour of charge. 11kW is what’s used for a Tesla Destination charger in public. At 7kW, a typical EV would fully charge in about eight hours. At 22kW, you could charge an EV in about 2.5 hours.

Rapid charging is what you see at most public EV charging stations. Most of them are called “fast charging stations” even though they are technically rapid chargers. This is where you can see an 80 percent charge happening in 15 to 30 minutes.

Which is better: slow or fast charging?

EV manufacturers recommend slowly charging these vehicles because the heat from rapid charging can reduce the long-term efficiency of the battery. As EV batteries get too hot, possibly due to fast charging, it reduces the battery’s ability to charge over several years. An EV’s charge can lower to about 80 percent of capacity towards the end of the usable life in eight to 10 years. The key is not to use fast or rapid charging all the time. 

How many EV charging stations are there in Springfield, Missouri?

There are more than 50 public EV charging stations at around 20 locations in Springfield, Missouri.

How many EV charging stations are there in the United States?

The U.S. Department of Energy states there are 48,353 EV charging stations in the United States as of December 2022. Most of these are near population centers, while others are strung along interstate highways in more remote locations.

How can I find EV charging stations near me?

Google Maps allows you to find an EV charging station near you, and your vehicle’s GPS can easily direct you to the closest location if your battery is getting low.

How much does it cost to fully charge an EV at a public charging station?

It depends on where you live or where you charge your electric vehicle because electricity costs vary in different localities. In California, EV charging may cost $16.58 per kilowatt hour. In cities in the Midwest, it may cost less. Charging at home overnight is the least expensive option.

What car dealership has public EV charging stations? 

Thompson Sales in Springfield, Missouri, has four 50kW fast charging stations for your convenience. You can charge your vehicle before or after your service appointment, and we’ll be happy to help in any way!

Make an appointment with our service center today, and we’ll take care of you.