How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

March 31st, 2019 by

Spare Tire on a Car

You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden your car starts shuddering on one side. Everyone knows this feeling. You have a flat tire. Now you have to stop the car and go through the whole process of changing it. But what if you don’t have time to take the tire to the repair shop right away, or you’re not very close to one? You may be wondering just how far that spare will get you. Well, the answer to that question isn’t so cut and dry, and it really depends on the type of spare you have. Thompson Sales looks at some of the options.

Full-Sized Spares

If you’re lucky, your vehicle might have a full-sized spare stowed away. Although this isn’t usually the case, since donuts take up less space and weight, it’s definitely the ideal situation when you have a flat tire. Full-sized spare tires are meant to be the same as your current set of tires. Of course, they’re not exactly the same, so you shouldn’t drive on them forever, but they’ll definitely last longer than a donut. You’ll want to check to see what the recommended mileage is for the specific tire. Regardlessly, you’ll want to take it into the repair shop to make sure the flat tire didn’t cause any damage to the wheel well or other important components.

Donut or Space-Saver Spares

These are the spare tires most people are familiar with. These tires are meant to be an emergency spare and not much else. They’re built to fit easily in your car while also not adding a lot of weight, so their durability is pretty low. You should really only drive on these long enough to get to a repair shop and get the tire replaced. If you have to drive on them for longer than a short trip to the repair shop, you shouldn’t drive on these tires for much more than 50-70 miles. Also, make sure you’re not going over 50 miles per hour when driving on them! Keep in mind, these tires are built fairly cheaply, and since it’s smaller than your standard tires, it rotates much faster. This means it wears down extremely fast, so you don’t want to drive on it more than necessary.

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