Questions to Ask During a Test Drive at a Car Dealership

November 4th, 2019 by

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When looking for a new vehicle at a car dealership, the test drive is a crucial step. You can’t know the intricacies of the vehicle or how it fits your lifestyle and personality until you get behind the wheel. And more importantly, you can’t know if it’s easy for you to drive without experiencing it firsthand. It’s important to ask the right questions when you’re on the test drive. In today’s blog post, Thompson Sales car dealership discusses what kinds of questions to ask when taking a vehicle for a test drive. 

Questions Before You Leave

When you show up to your car dealership for a test drive, it’s important to get a few questions answered before you hit the road. Many experts suggest you take your test drive without a salesperson from the car dealership with you. If you do that, you need to know some details about the car before you leave. Ask about basic controls, such as windshield wipers and seat positioning. You might also ask if there is anything different or unusual about the vehicle you need to know before taking it for a spin. 

Questions During Your Drive

Once you settle into the vehicle, avoid the radio or rolling the windows down while driving. This lets you listen carefully to the car. How does the vehicle sound when you accelerate? Listening is especially important when dealing with a used vehicle. Does the car downshift smoothly? Is there enough power to get up hills or to pass other vehicles? Pay close attention to how the car feels, specifically the brakes and steering. Is the vehicle responsive when you turn? Is there a lot of resistance with the power steering? As far as the brakes go, is the pedal easily accessible and easy to use? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you drive the vehicle. Your answers may determine whether you purchase the vehicle or not. 

Questions After You Get Back

As you drive, take mental notes of anything you might notice or any questions you might have for the dealer when you return to the car lot. Ask about the warranty and the price, especially if you’re interested in buying the vehicle. Think about any anomalies you noticed during the drive. Consider questions about the vehicle’s features, such as safety and technology features. 

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