There’s a Wild Animal in My Car. Now What? Thompson Sales Explains

October 14th, 2020 by

Wild Bear on Car Window

You’ve probably seen the dramatic (and sometimes scary) videos of people in their cars recording an encounter with wildlife. The humans start out being in awe of the creatures… until the wild animal begins to reach into the car! What do you do when there’s a wild animal in your car? Thompson Sales explains in today’s blog.

Why do animals get in your car?

Insects, rodents, and small mammals are the most common animals people find in their cars. These creatures don’t need a large opening to get inside the vehicle, and they can hide easily. Animals may be attracted to your car as they seek shelter or a nearby food source.

Cold weather attracts wild animals to your car’s engine. Did you just make a long trip and your engine is warm on a frigid winter night? Mice, squirrels, and possums may curl up in your engine compartment to keep warm. When you start your engine in the morning, you might hear a loud squeal because the animal got hurt due to a moving part.

Nearby food can lure a wild animal to your car. If you park your car in the garage, pet food stored in the garage may lead wild animals to explore the area. After they eat, they may sleep in your car. The scent of food scraps left in your car could compel animals to seek a way inside, so make sure to clean these up! Try not to leave your windows open, even a crack, when parked in the garage.

Don’t Panic

Yes, seeing a wild animal in your vehicle is an unpleasant and scary surprise. When you discover a wild animal in your car, it’s important not to panic. Large animals, like bears or dogs, may react negatively to shouting, and they could hurt you. Smaller animals might try to bite you and lash out at you. Stinging insects, such as bees or wasps, could land on you and sting you. In general, animals want to be left alone. Try to remain calm and don’t disturb the animals as you make your way to safety.

Get Out of the Vehicle

If you find an animal larger than a bug in your car, like a mouse, snake, possum, or raccoon, get out of the vehicle and close it up completely. Keep an eye on the animal and call for professional assistance, such as a pest control or animal removal company. A trapper has the right tools to remove the animal properly and humanely. Ask the animal removal expert about products that can sanitize and deodorize the interior of your car.

If there’s an injured animal in your engine compartment, you’ll need the same kind of pest control or animal removal service. Then it’s time to head to the car wash.

Preventing Wild Animals From Getting in Your Vehicle

The easiest way to keep wild animals from getting in your vehicle is to keep the windows rolled up as much as possible. Definitely park in a garage if you have one. Don’t store pet food in your garage, because the smell of the food may attract rodents. Check the engine compartment regularly, especially in winter, when animals may sleep in the engine.

Bugs may occasionally get into your car when you are opening and closing your doors. That really can’t be helped, but try to keep the doors closed rather than open for extended periods of time. Automatic door-opening features on modern GMC, Buick, and Cadillac cars at Thompson Sales help with this.

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