Thompson Sales Explains What to Do After Hitting a Pothole

February 23rd, 2020 by

car tire hitting a pothole on a street

You’re driving along your usual route, and everything seems calm and peaceful. Then, you hear a loud “BAM!” sound and your car rocks up and down on one side before continuing forward. You fear the worst, like an accident with another vehicle. But instead, you just hit a pothole in the road. Potholes can do more than just spill your drink or make you think you just hit another vehicle. Today’s blog from Thompson Sales explains what to do after hitting a pothole.

Don’t Panic! Pull Over Safely

First, don’t panic. Hitting a pothole may seem scary because you’re not expecting the jarring, jolting, and noise. Try not to panic because you might cause an accident. The next thing to do is pull over safely. Calmly slow down, change lanes, and pull over to the shoulder of the road or highway as soon as you are able. Thompson Sales believes you should take care when you drive, even if driving seems normal after hitting a pothole.

Inspect Your Vehicle

After you pull over, perform a quick inspection for damage. The amount of damage depends on how deep the pothole is and how fast you were going at the time of impact. You should check a few areas, which the Thompson Sales service department can help you repair later if you notice a problem.

Tire & Wheel 

Look for a bulge on the sidewall of the tire that hit the pothole. Sidewall damage is the most common tire problem after a pothole impact. This indicates the pothole pinched the car’s tire against the wheel. Your tire may also be losing air or totally flat. You’ll need to change that tire before continuing onward. Thompson Sales has many tires in stock, and we can replace a damaged one without an appointment.

Examine the rim of your wheel to see if it’s chipped, cracked, or bent. This may cause your wheel not to roll smoothly, which leads to uneven wear on the tire and handling problems. Trained technicians at Thompson Sales look at a wheel, give you an estimate, and then replace it altogether. We’ll also align your wheel so it runs properly.

Suspension & Steering

Dipping into a pothole may misalign your suspension or steering. This causes handling problems with your vehicle, such as drifting to the right or left even though your steering wheel indicates you should be going straight. You might also feel vibrations as you drive. A warning light may also appear on your dashboard. Damaged and misaligned suspension causes premature and uneven tire wear. Come to Thompson Sales for an estimate on repairs.   


Deep potholes might cause damage to parts along the undercarriage of your vehicle. Look at the exhaust pipes, muffler, and oil pan for dents and cracks. A leaking oil pan needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Exhaust and mufflers can wait a bit, but those systems must work properly for better fuel efficiency. Thompson Sales can repair these problems, too!

Thompson Sales & Pothole Repair

Come to Thompson Sales to repair any damage to your vehicle caused by potholes. Our highly trained, professional technicians take a look at all of your vehicle’s systems to identify potential problems. If we find anything wrong, we’ll give you an estimate. Contact Thompson Sales or call (417) 763-6811 for more information.

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