Thompson Sales Presents In-Car Games to Play on Long Family Trips

August 25th, 2020 by

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Family trips are so much fun! Whether you’re driving to Grandma’s house three hours away or taking a two-week vacay to a beach three days away, summer road trips are filled with adventure and fun for everyone!

They say it’s about the journey and not the destination, but driving for several hours at a time can get monotonous and boring for kids, despite your infotainment options. Today’s blog from Thompson Sales describes some in-car games to play on long family trips in the car.

Car Bingo

Car bingo is a game you need to prepare for in advance. You’ll need the bingo boards and some kind of writing utensils to mark the boards. Bingo boards should be different for each person playing the game. Fun ones might be seeing a license plate from a certain state or a particular model of car. Others might pertain to billboards, buildings, airplanes, trains, bridges, and other landmarks. If you’re driving along country roads, bingo is really fun as you keep an eye out for animals. The winner is the first one to get bingo. Make sure to include seeing a Thompson Sales logo on the back as one of your bingo choices!

I Spy

I Spy is a simple game that younger kids love. Start out by saying, “I spy with my little eye something…” and then name a color or two. Mountains might be green or white. The highway could be black, white, and yellow. Cars, trucks, trains, and buildings come in many types of colors. Kids will have to pay attention if they want to see something moving by fast along the highway. You can always point out things inside the car that are different colors, such as food, drinks, clothes, luggage, and more. The interior or exterior of your Thompson Sales vehicle can offer clues.

Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is a fun game that everyone can play, even the driver, because the driver always pays attention to his or her surroundings while driving. The goal is to find words along the highway that start with the letters A through Z in order. The lone exception is the letter X since hardly any words start with X, so feel free to use words that have X in them for this one.

Hint: Signs that point to an Exit are very common on the highway.

The winner is the first one to see a Z word after getting the previous 25 words in sequence.

You can only use words seen outside of the car. Random letters on license plates don’t count, but state names or mottos on license plates do. Look for road signs, billboards, car makes and models, and words on train cars. Symbols and pictures that stand for something, like the Cadillac logo on a Thompson Sales SUV or a photo of zebras on a billboard, don’t count. You can’t reserve a word for later, so you have to see the words in order of the alphabet.

Spelling Things Out

Feel free to alter the rules of the Alphabet Game for younger kids. Rather than get words in sequence, younger children can point to things on the highway and then state the letter they start with. Help them spell out the word correctly, like “car” or “train” and the like. Who knew that road trips could be a learning experience?

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